Coconut Oil Benefits

The benefits of Coconut Oil are well documented and range from Weight loss, Health, Diabetes, Healthy Hair and skin

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How to Oil Pull

How to Oil Pull and Frequently Asked Questions Some of the most popular articles that I've written that also attract many comments are on Oil...

Why Go Gluten Free

Hands Up - Who Needs To Go Gluten Free? Why go gluten free? I recently read an article that caught my attention, got me thinking and...
Oil Pulling Challenge

Oil Pulling – Are you still thinking about it?

One of the biggest concerns for a lot of people when they contemplate oil pulling is - Will I gag 26 times? Well maybe...
Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Give Your Hair Care Routine A Boost By Using Coconut Oil Coconut oil is not just good for baking.  It's benefits are overflowing when it...
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Can Coconut Oil help with Weight Loss

Can Coconut Oil help with Weight Loss? Weight loss is so much more than just what diet you are trying or the latest trend in...

Natural Remedies for Summer

As much as I want to wish all my Northern hemisphere readers a warm, happy and have a blast summer season, I also want...

Coconut oil: Natural Wart Removal

Need a sure but natural way of removing unsightly warts! Coconut oil: Natural Wart Removal is a proven remedy for the 2 most common...

Mercola: What if it’s All Been a Big Fat Lie

Here's a great interview with lots of insight into the myths about fats and calories.  
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Is Your Gut Bacteria Keeping You Healthy or Making You Sick?

Gut Bacteria: Could it be the cause of weight gain, mental health problems and immune related conditions? Bacteria get plenty of blame when you get...
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Is Coconut Oil The Magic Ingredient to Weight Loss

Weight it or hate it If only there was a pill, tonic, etc that would make the process of losing weight EeeeeeZzzzzY!! Ha! No...