For all those DIY’ers that need some last minute Christmas gift ideas here’s my round up of 12 DIY Festive Season Gift Ideas. I love DIY’ing especially when I have the time. This year I may or may not get to all of these, but they will be on my list for gifts as the year goes on! The beautiful thing about DIY’s is not just that they are frugal, often re-purposed so not too much waste, but more so they are so much fun to make! It’s like gifting yourself while you prepare that special treat for your friends and family. Of course, you can make your DIY as expensive or as frugal as you wish. But more often than not, it’s the personal touch of taking the time to give a handmade gift that makes it so special. So will you be DIY’ing this Christmas? Let me know if you try any of the 12 DIY Festive Season Gift Ideas.

Food Gift Ideas –

  1. hot-choc-on-a-stickHot Chocolate on a Stick – The Intrepid Baker – For all those lovers of hot chocolate! I have a particular member of my family that loves chocolate milk anything! Cold or Hot! It doesn’t matter as long as it has chocolate and milk together! I’ll be making probably more than a couple of these. To make a dairy free version – add coconut milk to the ganache instead of cream.





2. chai-tea-mixChai Tea Mix – – Chai tea never seems to loose it’s appeal – whether you have been drinking it forever or just discovering it, chai tea offers so much to the humble cup of tea. I’m always on the look out for a great DIY chai tea mix and I think this one might be it. I love that it’s made with the whole spice, baked and then crushed. I think the flavours will really sing as it starts to brew. Personally, I will swap out the candied ginger and sub it with some fresh grated ginger or ground ginger. Looking forward to making this up for another fellow “tea lover” friend.

3.54eb407a4fe85_-_diy-gingerbread-house-kit-recipe-clx1213-xln Gingerbread House or Angels – You definitely need a little time up your sleeve to take on this project, but it is so worth it. Both of these recipes are for a gluten free dough but if you don’t have to adhere to a GF diet then there are many recipes out there that you can use. Once you have your dough ready, the fun begins! Invite all those wonderful little and big people around to help with the assembly. If the gingerbread house seems too big, then go for the angels. The angels are still fun to decorate and by putting a hole in the top while they are baking, you will have a beautiful tree ornament or stocking filler.

4. herb-flavoured-saltHerb Flavoured Salt – Pop Sugar – One of the easiest but most flavoursome pots of culinary heaven is a pot of herb flavoured salt. Simple, easy to make and the best thing is you can personalise the flavours. The roasted garlic one is my favourite and besides these three flavours you can try Rosemary, Garam Marsala or Morrocan flavours.

5. playdoughPlaydough – Frugal and Thriving – one for the kids! When my kids were little, playdough was a staple in our craft cupboard, along with cutters and tools which kept them busy for sometimes hours on end. Quick and easy to make, the sky’s the limit when it comes to colours and even smells that you can add to the mix. Pop the dough into some small mason jars or Tupperware containers and tie with a festive ribbon. Add some cute tools and cutters and you have the perfect pressie for that small person in your life.

Beauty and Skin Care Gift Ideas –

6. DIY-Mint-Sugar-Scrub-final2DIY Sugar Scrubs Р РThis DIY mint sugar scrub is Christmas in a jar. Perfect as a gift but also a great pamper for yourself over the Festive Season. Sugar scrubs, no matter what flavour combination you use, are the simplest DIY beauty product around. Great for your skin and so easily customised right down to the colour of the sugar and the smell of essential oils. Try out my sugar scrub for other flavour combinations.




7. DIY-lip-balm-recipe1DIY Flavoured Lip Balm – The perfect gift for all ages is a DIY Lip Balm. Made with 4 simple ingredients – coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils. Lip balms are a must have for the handbag, glovebox, school or sports bag. Customise flavours and smells to make that special present for friends and families. Great as a stocking filler or to add to a hamper or pamper pack.



8. Ginger Peppermint Foot ScrubGinger Peppermint Footscrub – Pedicures are up there with coffee dates IMO. I love pedicures. The soaking, the scrubbing, the softness and freshness of how your feet feel afterwards. It’s better than a new pair of shoes. This DIY footscrub is another great stocking filler or pamper pack item.


How-To-Make-Bath-Salts-560x3789. Herbal Bath Salts – – another pamper pack or stocking filler. A soothing bath as a wellness remedy or just because it’s the holidays washes all those stresses away in about 20 minutes. Salt baths are great for detoxing, pumping some magnesium into your body and producing soft, silky skin. Plus you get the added bonus of having 20 minutes of time out bliss! These bath salts are so easy to make and look lovely in a mini mason jar or repurposed candle or jam jar! Make enough for you and your friends.

10.coconut_sage_soap_DIY_a_house_in_the_hills DIY Shea Butter Soap – – Soap making can be a little tedious and messy and a lot of other things. However this DIY Shea Butter Soap is the complete opposite. Easy, simple and they look so adorable when finished. I would just make one tweek and that is to add in 3 tablespoons castille soap for a little more foam. Wrap them in some wax paper and tie them up as tree decorations. They are also perfect to have in a guest bathroom or gift them with a nice washcloth or hand towel for that special friend.



Gift Ideas for that Special Man

11.homemade-rosemary-mint-shaving-cream-top Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream – – For that special male in your life! What man doesn’t need a little pampering every now and then. DIY Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream has coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba or almond oil and essential oils. It’s perfect for all skin types but especially for sensitive skins. The Rosemary and Mint go so well together, giving the cream a great robust fragrance. A great practical gift – and so easy to make.




12.Coconut Oil Post Homemade Coconut After Shave Balm Aftershave Balm – – make a pamper pack with this DIY aftershave balm and the Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream above. Why keep all the natural goodness to ourselves and our female friends. Our male counterparts also need spoiling, pampering and taking care of. And there’s no better way to do it then with some all natural coconut oil loving DIY skin care. Perfect for all skin types, you can mix and match fragrance by using different essential oils.

Hope you found what you were looking for. My 12 DIY Festive Gift Ideas was brought to you with love and kindness. Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and safe and happy New Year.

Stay in touch – do you DIY beauty, food or kitchen goodies. Post a picture on FaceBook or send me a comment below.



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