If ever there was a time in the year that you need some yummy but healthy cookie recipes it’s Christmas and the Festive Season. Whether you are going to a Bring and Share, Pot Luck or packaging up beautiful bags full of treats as presents, it’s great to have a few trusted recipes up your sleeve. These recipes are my pick for this season. Gluten Free, some are Dairy Free and free of refined sugars. Hope you enjoy baking these 10 Gluten Free Festive Season Sweet Treats as much as I have.

  1. Coconut Cranberry Cookies by Paleohacks – I’m planning on making this delightful
    cookie recipe in the coming days. While I love coconut flour, I always have to tweak recipes like these as the goodness of all that fibre just doesn’t go well with my gut. Most folks with gut issues or altered microbiome problems struggle with large quantities of dietary fibre of any kind. I substitute with 50/50 coconut flour and tapioca flour. The other option is to use 50/50 almond flour with coconut flour. Enjoy!
coconut oil post coconut biscuits 3 ways

2. Coconut Biscuits 3 Ways – by me! – These biscuits are the perfect gift IMO. Quick and easy to make they also come in handy for that last minute Bring and Share occasion. Pack them in a clear gift bag and tie with a ribbon for that special homemade present.


3. Sugar-Free Coconut Ice – I Quit Sugar – I love the colours of coconut ice. It fills me with wonderful memories of my mother’s many stints in the kitchen whipping up treats for school fetes and Christmas parties. This sugar-free version is just as good and has the yumminess of coconut milk, oil and shredded coconut!

coconut oil post spiced sweet potato muffins with orange buttercream frosting 1

4. Spiced Sweet Potato Muffins with Orange Buttercream – me again! The perfect companion to a dessert menu or for just enjoying with a friend over coffee. These muffins are packed with the goodness of sweet potato, and the spice combination is delightful.


5. Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies – Alana’s Pantry – I love the flavour combinations that Elana uses in her recipes.  And a good chocolate cookie recipe can’t go wrong for the festive season. I would sub out a couple of things to make it more gut friendly. 1. Omit the agave nectar and use honey or rice syrup instead. 2. Swap out half of the almond meal and add in tapioca or coconut flour 50/50. 3. If you don’t want to use the coffee beans, try using dandelion instead.


6. Choc Millet Fudge Cake – Hello me again! What can I say it’s chocolate again! But one of the most delicious and moist chocolate fudge cakes around. This fudge cake is my take anywhere that I’m invited to bring a “plate” recipe. Whether folks realise this recipe is gluten free, and dairy free doesn’t seem to matter – there are only crumbs left on the plate!


7. Ginger Molasses Cookie – Gourmande in the Kitchen – a delicious chewy ginger cookie made with the goodness of molasses. You could sub out the honey and replace with rice syrup if you want to reduce the sweetness.

Blackstrap Molasses while it is sweet and comes from sugar cane, has surprising amounts of nutritional benefits. High in minerals manganese, magnesium, potassium and iron it is known to help headaches, fatigue and some PMS symptoms. It’s also high in Vitamin B6. Blackstrap Molasses comes from the first press of the sugar cane, therefore is not subjected to high levels of processing. Using un-sulphured molasses will also gain more health benefits. Use it wisely though as it is still sweet and high in carbs.

Coconut oil post chocolate mousse

8. Chocolate Coconut Mousse – Yes me again – This is a great addition to the dessert bar on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. Packed with coconut milk, gelatin and dark chocolate makes one of the most healthy mousse recipes around.


9. Gluten Free Gingerbread Men – CaseyJade.com What would the festive season be without Gingerbread Men! And these Gingerbread Men are just the treat for so many reasons.

  • Make them with your kids as a Christmas activity.
  • Package them up in a cute bag or box for ready to go gifts.
  • Bring them out for that special cuppa with your best friend who also happens to love gingerbread.
  • Save them for when you just want a late night snack!

10. Coconut Sugar Stars – Free Range Cookies.com – Gluten and Dairy Free, these coconut sugar cookies have a hint of caramel because of the coconut sugar in them. Easy to make and to eat. Enjoy them or gift them!

So there you go my 10 Gluten Free Festive Season Sweet Treats. I hope you enjoy them as much as I will.

Do you have a favourite festive cookie or sweet recipe? Would love to hear from you. Post a photo on FaceBook or send me a comment.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas. 🙂


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