One of the hardest things with dealing with gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut is also finding out that you have a chemical intolerance (think, salicylates, amines, msg). The Guideline for Leaky Gut and Chemical Sensitivity Starter Pack will help take all the guess work out of these modern diet dilemmas.

Why do we get Food and Chemical Intolerances when our Gut is compromised?

Food and chemical intolerances often occur when we have gut imbalances. A side effect of gut imbalance is malabsorption. Malabsorption is usually caused because of either the disruption to our digestion and our ability to produce enzymes. It can also be due to the imbalance in the bacteria colony that should be living in harmony with each other. When we have a lack of enzymes and either a shortage of good bacteria or too many of the bad bacteria we can end up with absorption issues. This often becomes a vicious circle causing the gut to leak which then leads to further symptoms of intolerance.

Guideline for Leaky Gut and Chemical Sensitivity Starter Pack

Combining these conditions and then trying to wrap your head around the treatment and the dietary protocol is no easy feat. I know this because I went through it myself and more recently with my daughter. I’ve also had several friends and readers who have asked the question – What do I do first? That’s why I put together this Guideline for Leaky Gut and Chemical Sensitivity Starter Pack.

What’s in the Starter Pack

Need to know the in’s and out’s of Gut issues and chemical sensitivities. This starter pack will give you an overview for the what, why and how of leaky gut, salicylate intolerance and other GI issues. You can use this guide for symptoms such as IBS, SIBO and Candidiasis as well.

3 Guides in 1

1. Treating Leaky Gut

2. Treating Salicylate Intolerance

3. Treating both Leaky Gut and Salicylate Intolerance

Elimination Diet Guidelines

In all 3 Guides, you will find charts of foods that are safe to eat and foods that are not. These act as a quick reference and visual aid for knowing which foods to eliminate to get on top of your symptoms.

Food and Symptom Journal

An easy to follow chart that helps to keep track of symptoms and foods that may have caused them. Maintaining a food and symptom journal helps to identify problem foods quickly.

Elimination Protocol

Each guide provides a 12-week protocol for eliminating problem foods and then introducing them again as challenge foods. The protocol is broken into 3 lots of 4 weeks with different food groups introduced over the 3-time slots.


Each guideline has a handful of quick and easy recipes to help keep you on track with meals and snacks.

The Guideline for Leaky Gut and Chemical Sensitivity Starter Pack helps specifically in 3 ways:

  1. Helps to diagnose your symptoms
  2. Gives you a clear dietary and elimination plan
  3. Outlines how to introduce “challenge” foods back into your diet

My daughter was suffering from constant leg pain and tummy aches. Kerry suggested that my daughter could have Leaky Gut Syndrome and some chemical sensitivities and put together an information booklet (starter pack), outlining the symptoms and treatment of both issues. I found the elimination diet, meal plans and recipes easy to follow. I found this very useful as it was a daunting task knowing where to start to begin the healing process. The starter pack made everything  clear and was an invaluable guide to treating my daughter.

Ready to purchase!

As a bonus, you can also buy the Stool Guide – 3 handy charts for visual aid in identifying healthy bowel movements. Plus two food charts that are ideal for children to identify foods they can and can’t eat.


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