Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Give Your Hair Care Routine A Boost By Using Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is not just good for baking.  It’s benefits are overflowing when it is used in your daily hair care routine. Coconut oil for hair care will give you:

  • Healthy lustre and shine
  • Help prevent premature graying and baldness
  • Helps to control dandruff
  • Proven to treat Head Lice
From Coconut Cures, Bruce Fife writes:

In a study reported in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, coconut oil was compared to sunflower oil and mineral oil – the two most extensively used in hair oil formulations. They found that compared to the application of both sunflower and mineral oils, coconut oil was the only one that reduced protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product.  Coconut oil being rich in medium-chain triglycerides is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft, protecting it from protein loss as well as giving it more body.

Here’s an easy to follow recipe for a hair care treatment.

  • Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil depending on length of hair
  • Work it in to your hair massaging down to the scalp
  • Your hair should be completely covered but not dripping with oil
  • Allow the oil time to soak in. Ideally as long as you can but even 15 minutes would give your hair a boost.
  • If needing a real boost for damaged hair then apply the oil at night, put a shower cap or plastic wrap around hair before going to bed. Wash it out in the morning and see the results.

Coconut milk is also effective as a hair conditioner or treatment.  Use it as you would the oil.  This will help with both hair growth as well as preventing the graying process.

Enjoy the benefits of coconut oil and or milk in your hair care routine and say goodbye to all those expensive mineral oil based products that if anything rob your hair of being truly healthy.

I buy my coconut oil from here: Niulife

Have you tried coconut oil for your hair lately? Let me know and leave a comment.


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