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Coconut Oil Benefits for Healthy Living


Since discovering coconut oil nearly 5 years ago I have been pleasantly amazed at the continuing benefit this oil has added to my health. Below are some of the coconut oil benefits I have seen and some that I’m in the process of seeing.

Soft and well moisturized skin – For years I had skin that unless I put a bucket of sorbolene on it was irritable, dry and scaly. I started using Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on my skin instead of Sorbolene and within weeks had noticed the change. My skin no longer itched, or dried out in water. It had a lovely softness to it that I guess you could compare to baby skin. I’ve also noticed the diminishing of fine lines on my face and neck so the coconut oil benefits for skin have been great.

Toxin Purge – A couple of years ago, after being diagnosed with endometriosis within the muscle of the uterus and taking some very horrible and toxic drug to deal with the symptoms, that consequently didn’t work, I read a book by Bruce Fife on Oil Pulling. With no medical proof that this actually works I decided to give it a go anyway as I don’t have great faith in what medicine says or doesn’t say. The testimonies in the book were what convinced me. I pulled or swished coconut oil through my teeth for 20 minutes morning and night for a week prior to my period starting. The evidence that this worked for me was less pain and blood flow as opposed to clots. I can’t say that I don’t have pain or clots anymore, but to the degree of pain I was in and the size of the clots this has made a significant difference to me. Enough to prove that it works a whole heap better than drugs without all the horrible side effects.

Feeling of being nourished and satisfied – I started to cook with this oil about 4 years ago. While it took a little bit to get used to the flavour and the smell all my family love it now. The thing I love about coconut oil is that it makes me feel so yummy, if there’s such a feeling. I know that since consuming it I’m always looking for ways I can incorporate it into my food, cooking, baking etc. I think my body was in such a deprived fat state that it seemed like it had won the jackpot when I introduced coconut oil into my diet.

Treatments for cold sores, sunburn and sunscreen – Since as young as I can remember I have had cold sores. If you have read my bio you will know that my immune system was way below healthy for a long time. Coconut oil for skin care includes cold sores just seemed to be part of my life whether it was summer, winter, cold and raining or hot and windy I would experience at least 3 of these horrible things in a year and they would take at least 4-6 weeks to completely heal, every time leaving a nasty scar that totally destroyed my lip line.

As time went on and I found different treatment of cold sores I slowly got on top of managing them but I always found I never ever caught them quick enough and while the treatments provided relief from the pain it never quite addressed the length of time required to heal. A couple of years ago I was holidaying at Mt Koziosko when after a windy morning spent walking up the Mountain and copious amounts of paw paw cream on my lips to keep the wind at bay I came down with a cold sore that proved to be very painful.

I quickly grabbed some Zovirax from the chemist but was not satisfied when by the end of that day I could see this was going to be a double whammy! I grabbed my coconut oil that I faithfully carried when ever I went away and started rubbing it into the cold sore every hour religiously as if my life depended on it for the rest of that day. I was so pleased when the following morning the cold sore had reduced in size, started to dry out and crust a little (sign of the infection going) and the pain had been reduced by 90%.

Since that one I have not had another cold sore since.

Sunburn and sunscreen – I read about this – again in Bruce Fife’s book (Coconut Cures) and was quite impressed.  I had also become aware of all the nasties in sunscreen for some time and was always looking for a more natural option.

So I tried it – firstly on a little too much summer sun a year or so ago. The coconut oil worked a treat. The next morning after applying the oil to my skin I was now a beautiful golden shade and no sting left. Next I decided to try it as a sunscreen. But note I did this during the winter not the summer. It is recommended that you only try it as a sunscreen as long as you have been taking the coconut oil internally for a period of time.  As I hadn’t been taking it for that long I tried through the warmer winter days when I would sit in the sun and gather some much needed Vitamin D.

It worked again. I developed a lovely shade of gold over the few months of winter with no burning.  It’s such a great feeling to know that there are so many great reasons to use coconut oil as well as having an alternative to all those chemicals that I had been exposing my skin and body to for so many years.

Immune system boost – Aches and pains, especially small joint pain have plagued me since my early 20’s but got progressively worse in my early 40’s. After being on coconut oil for about a year I noticed that the small joint pain disappeared. The other thing I noticed was that I no longer got excessive pain after exercising. At first it was suggested that it was a build up of lactic acid and I treated it with Tissue Salts for about a year without any change.  After taking coconut oil the aches and pains have gone and I no longer have any excessive joint or muscle pain after exercising.

Weight loss – This is a works in progress but I have been using coconut oil to address weight loss by following the diet recommended by Bruce Fife in his book, “Eat Fat, Look Thin”. The benefits of coconut oil for weight loss, so far it is working. This is not a fast weight loss solution.

Increased energy and vitality – When I mention energy I bet you think I’m talking about physical, which I am but it is the mental energy and clarity that I have experienced since taking 3 tablespoons a day that has really convinced me of the goodness of coconut oil. Head fog has been with me for most of my life. It left me about 12 months ago and has not returned. Being able to think clearly and make decisions is worth a million and to top that I have physical energy as well. Who needs caffeine!

Fungal Infections gone – Athletes foot, fungal toe nails are finally a thing of the past. In less than a year of taking coconut oil orally, the fungal infections in my toe nails are gone. I lost both my big toe nails to fungal infections and was in great concern that the cycle was just going to reproduce all over again. Lotions and potions available from the chemist do very little and it takes many bottles and lots of dollars. I started applying the coconut oil topically and then wrapping the infected nail in a crepe bandage overnight. But it wasn’t until I started taking coconut oil orally that I noticed that the infections did not return.

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Coconut oil benefits are unlimited and will bring quality to so many areas of health, beauty and diet.

Kerry Wennersten
Kerry Wennerstenhttps://coconutoilpost.com
Homeschooling Mum of 2 and passionate about all things relating to Healthy Living. I have lived with gut disorders since a very young age and applied many remedies and therapies in order to seek recovery and good health. Along the way I discovered Coconut Oil, fermented foods and good fats and totally amazed at how these foods have transformed my health.


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