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Coconut Oil Benefits

The benefits of Coconut Oil are well documented and range from Weight loss, Health, Diabetes, Healthy Hair and skin

Coconut Oil Post Does Coconut Oil help with sleeping

Does Coconut Oil help you sleep?

Can Coconut Oil be used as a Sleeping Pill Simple answer: No! It would be good if it did but I can testify by accident...
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Homemade Coconut Oil Sunscreen Recipe

To all of the Northern Hemisphere "lucky duckies" who are now soaking up the beautiful summer sun from all of the Southern Hemisphere not...
coconut oil post peanut butter fudge

IQS Salted Peanut Butter Fudge

Need a treat for the weekend that won't blow the sugar balance. This peanut butter fudge from the IQS program touts loads of flavour...
Coconut Oil Is It Good For You - Coconut Oil Post

Is Coconut Oil Good For You

Yes! Coconut oil is good for you. It's like a medicine chest in a nutshell. It can cure almost any ailment, infection, virus, or...
coconut oil post 6 steps to beautiful hands and nails

6 Steps to Beautiful Hands and Nails

Winter often means cracked, dry hands, broken nails and torn cuticles. In the outdoors you have cold air and wind while indoors you have...
Coconut Oil Post

Banaban Products from Nature Pacific

I've added another preferred supplier to my list for coconut oil and products. Banaban products from Nature Pacific are not only good value for...

Natural Remedies for Summer

As much as I want to wish all my Northern hemisphere readers a warm, happy and have a blast summer season, I also want...

4 steps to Recover Sun Damaged Skin

Summer is, in my opinion, the best season of all. I make the most of it by spending time at the beach, going for...

Coconut Cures – Bruce Fife – Book Review

Coconut Cures - Bruce Fife N.D. Each month I'm hoping to do a book recommendation for my readers. I have read many books and information...

7 Resistant Starch Recipes

Need some gut-loving Resistant Starch Recipes. Want to know what Resistant starch is and why you should be eating it. Check out Resistant Starch: What...

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