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Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten Free recipes that have worked for me and my family. Hope they will work for you!

coconut oil post cashew butter and coconut Florentines web

Cashew Butter and Coconut Florentines

This recipe was inspired by the Cashew Butternut Biscuits that I wrote about here. The thing I loved about those biscuits was their lovely...
coconut oil post GF DF Banana Choc Bread

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Banana Bread I almost thought I had lost my food "mojo" or there was a major funk happening until I made...
coconut oil post gluten free breakfast trifle 3

Gluten Free Breakfast Trifle

With summer fast approaching the southern hemisphere Yipee! (definitely in sympathy with all my northern hemisphere readers), it's time to find some new and...

Poached Chicken 3 Ways

Here’s a really efficient way of cooking chicken for the week. Recently when I needed to rework our menu to accommodate low fodmap, fructose...
coconut oil post choc millet fudge cake

Choc Millet Fudge Cake – Gluten Free

It's been rather a long time in between posts (more on that later) and almost as long in between recipes. The reality of creating...
Coconut Oil Post - Banana Coconut Chia Pudding

Banana Coconut Chia Pudding

This banana coconut chia pudding is packed with goodness and takes only minutes to prepare.  Coconut milk and chia seeds provide lots of nutritional...
Apple Crisp

Gluten Free Reduced Sugar Apple Crisp

This Gluten Free Reduced Sugar Apple Crisp is sweet, sticky and tart all at the same time. In my books it's the yummiest recipe...
coconut oil post spiced sweet potato muffins with orange buttercream frosting 1

Spiced Sweet Potato Muffins with Orange Buttercream

Want a sweet treat that packs in goodness at the same time. These Spiced Sweet Potato Muffins are chock full of fibre, vitamins A,...

Eggplant and Tomato Casserole

I love eggplant! I love how it becomes a creamy, gooey texture when it's been slow cooked. I love it even more in this...

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

These delightful little Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes were a try out for a birthday cake that I recently made. I used the Vanilla...

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