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Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten Free recipes that have worked for me and my family. Hope they will work for you!


Raspberry Coconut Shortcake with Raspberry Puree

A few weekends ago I spent an afternoon at my friends delightful country house down in the southern highlands of NSW. A group of...

Take Anywhere, Add Anything Green Smoothie!

Take anywhere, add anything green smoothie is my answer to a meal on the go.  It's very rare that I need a meal on...
Coconut-oil-post homemade cream cheese

No Waste Homemade Cream Cheese

What could be any better than homemade cream cheese.  The fact that it only takes 1 ingredient, is ready in next to no time...

Scrambled Vegetable

One of the things that always trips me up when I'm away on holidays is "what am I going to eat?" I'm not in...

Vanilla Bean Cake- Grain free, Gluten free

This delightful cake is kind of like the sister cake to my delicious rich and healthy chocolate cake. I made the vanilla one for my...
coconut oil post peanut butter fudge

IQS Salted Peanut Butter Fudge

Need a treat for the weekend that won't blow the sugar balance. This peanut butter fudge from the IQS program touts loads of flavour...
Coconut oil post Cinnamon Beef Stew

Cinnamon Beef Stew with Orange Gremolata

Cinnamon Beef Stew - who could resist a great stew on an autumn or winters night. This recipe comes from Well Fed: Paleo Recipes...

Cauliflower Pizza Base

If you are looking for another way to use your cauliflower rice than this Cauliflower Pizza Base is a real treat. Not only is...
coconut oil post carrot detox

Carrot Detox for Balancing Hormones

Unbalanced hormones can be the cause for so much of our day to day health status. Bad hair days, cracked and weak nails, blotchy...

Gluten Free Waffles

I bought the kids a waffle iron for christmas - one of the best christmas ideas I've had in a long time! Being gluten...

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