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Cultured Vegetables


A little while back I did an article on Fermented Vegetables. That recipe was made using the whey and salt method. Some people may find this recipe too salty.  So I’ve included my recipe for the cultured vegies using the BED culture. These vegetables are much sweeter and not salty at all as there is no salt in them. They are really versatile as the flavours of the vegetables are more detectable and they are good for those who have kidney disorders or need to follow a low sodium diet. Try it and see what you think?


Cultured Vegetables

Cultured vegetables can be eaten with any meal and are seriously good for you.
Course: Accompaniment
Servings: 2 Litres
Author: Kerry Wennersten @ Coconut Oil Post



  • Bring 1/2 cup of filtered water to the temperature of 90 – 92 degrees C. You can do this first by boiling the water and then letting it cool and use a thermometer to gauge the temperature.
  • Once water is at the right temperature, empty the sachet of culture into the water with the honey. Stir and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Wash and chop all vegetables. I put mine in a food processor as I like the vegetables to be small, but you can grate or hand chop.
  • Remove about half of the vegetables and place into the mason jar.
  • Mix culture solution through the other half of vegetables in the blender. Pulse for a few seconds. It should look a bit soupy.
  • Empty vegetables from blender into mason jar with the other half of vegetables.
  • Using a wooden rolling pin or meat mallet, massage or push down vegetables so that the culture solution mixes through and more juices are released.
  • Top up with filtered water if needed. You will need to leave enough room for vegetables to rise so do not fill right to the top of the jar.
  • If vegetables won’t stay beneath water line then you can use a few rolled up cabbage leaves and push them down into the vegetables.
  • Put lid on and secure. Place jar on a tray and keep in a moderately warm spot.



3-5 days for still crunchy and just a bit sour in taste

5-10 days for softer vegetables and more sour in taste

10 days and over will give you very soft vegetables and very sour in taste.

Refrigerate vegetables either before or after you serve them.

Save at least 6 tablespoons of the first batch to use for culturing the second batch.  You should be able to yield 6-7 batches per culture sachet.

Culture – You can buy BED Vegetable Starter Culture here



Cultured vegetables can be eaten with any meal and are seriously good for you.  Great to eat before a meal or as an accompaniment as they are full of digestive enzymes, minerals and are nutrient dense.

How about you? Do you like cultured vegetables?

Kerry Wennerstenhttps://coconutoilpost.com
Homeschooling Mum of 2 and passionate about all things relating to Healthy Living. I have lived with gut disorders since a very young age and applied many remedies and therapies in order to seek recovery and good health. Along the way I discovered Coconut Oil, fermented foods and good fats and totally amazed at how these foods have transformed my health.


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