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Over the years I have done a ton of researching, reading and testing. My lists have grown to a point that I needed to have somewhere to place and share my best resources and ideas. Some of these resources contain affiliate links which goes towards expenses in running this site. Thank you for reading and supporting coconut oil post. If you have any of your favourites please add them to the comments below.

Books on Healing


1. Coconut Cures – Bruce Fife N.D.

I have read many books and information on Coconut oil and I always come back to one of my favourite authors which is Bruce Fife N.D. I like to read books that are straightforward without too much waffle and I find Bruce’s books fit that bill. I have referenced Bruce’s information throughout many of my articles and began my journey with coconut oil from reading this book. If you are looking for a complete guide to coconut oil then you can’t go past Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife N.D.




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