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Treating Urinary Tract Infections Naturally

Treating Urinary Tract Infections Naturally

When I started school at the tiny age of 5 I had a major problem with anxiety and consequently of controlling my bladder (to...
COP 12 DIY Festive Season Gift Ideas

12 DIY Festive Season Gift Ideas

For all those DIY'ers that need some last minute Christmas gift ideas here's my round up of 12 DIY Festive Season Gift Ideas. I...

Oil Pulling – Can It Help With Fighting Disease

Have you ever heard of Oil Pulling? Disease - starts in your mouth, right? Recently I visited my dentist as I was sure I had at...

6 Tips to Survive the Festive Season

No matter how you celebrate the Christmas/New Year holiday, I know you will love these 6 Tips to Survive the Festive Season. I love...
Healthy Gut Summit - Sunlight

Last Chance: Healthy Gut Summit Package $77

 Tuesday 17th of February, is the last chance to buy the Healthy Gut Summit Package at the low price of $77! You probably saw my...
coconut oil post oil pulling

Coconut Oil Pulling and Why you Should Be Doing it?

I've written a number of articles on coconut oil pulling which generate many questions. This article goes into more detail of Coconut Oil Pulling...
Coconut Oil Post - Where does coconut oil come from?

Homemade Natural Coconut Oil Toothpaste

So I ferment vegetables and pull oil, am I a hippy, maybe, more to the point I like to know what goes into my...
Coconut oil post Remineralised Toothpaste and Brush crop

DIY Remineralising Toothpaste Recipe

Why I Needed Remineralising Toothpaste Dental Nightmares My experience with dentists and cavities started at quite a young age. Like most kids, I got hustled off...
coconut oil post exercise recovery

Coconut Oil Benefits Post Exercise Recovery

Whether you workout in a gym, a dance studio or in the pool the food you eat after any pulse raising training session is...

Do You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or SIBO?

I feel like I could write 1000 pages on the subject of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I feel like I have so much...

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