Coconut Oil for Skin Care

The Natural Approach To Skin Care When I first started using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I was advised to not take it orally as I...
Coconut Oil Post Cold Sores Remedy

Coconut Oil Treatment and Cure for Cold Sores

I'm celebrating! Which is always a good thing to do in winter. What am I celebrating you ask? That I can't remember how long...
coconut and coconut oil

Are Your Skin Care Products Causing You Damage?

Do you know what potential dangers lurk within your skin care products! Are your skin care products causing you damage? You don't have to live...
Coconut oil post Coconut oil and Honey Body Wash crop

Coconut Oil and Honey Body Wash

This Coconut Oil and Honey Body Wash is the answer to anyone suffering with dry and dehydrated skin.
coconut and coconut oil

15 Ways to use Coconut Oil that doesn’t involve Swallowing it!

Lets face it not everyone enjoys the taste of coconut whether it's the fruit or the oil. It wasn't until I spoke with a...

Coconut oil: Natural Wart Removal

Need a sure but natural way of removing unsightly warts! Coconut oil: Natural Wart Removal is a proven remedy for the 2 most common...
Coconut Oil Post Coconut Oil Cleansing Recipe

Coconut Oil Cleanser Recipe

If you have read any of my other posts on skin care and hair care, you will know I'm not a fan of using...