Français : Echantillons de différents sucres, ...
Français : Echantillons de différents sucres, de gauche à droite et de haut en bas : sucre blanc, sucre complet, rapadura, cassonade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sugar is hitting the headlines with a recent article from the U.K. Government pledging to consider new laws to limit the amount of fat, sugar and salt in food in a bid to combat child obesity.

Lets face it we could all do with less sugar in our diets. Personally I eliminated sugar from my diet last year and have found life and living a whole lot easier for it. But as a realist I also make decisions and choices around holidays, birthdays and special occasions to have some sweet treats. Only you can make the decision to give up entirely or cut back gradually, either way you will be doing yourself a favour but you will also be setting a great example for your kids and for generations to come.

The Secret Code Names For Sugar!

Sugar comes in a many ways and by many names. If you are looking to quit sugar or even cut down on the amount of sugar in your diet then this list will help you identify those secret words that really all add up to the same thing – SUGAR!

This list comes from Kate over at

Sugar’s Secret Code Names Revealed

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