How To Have A Sugar Free Christmas

I Quit Surar iqs christmas cookbook

Fancy enjoying christmas with out all the nasties! Well at least the white crystal stuff – better known as sugar. You can read my article about going sugar free here.

So here’s how to have a sugar free christmas.

Sarah Wilson from has put together a couple of great gift ideas for either you or someone you know that really wants to stay sugar free this christmas.

The I Quit Sugar Christmas Meal Plan will give you menus, suggestions, recipes and much more all made without sugar. There is a leftovers menu, gift ideas, conversion charts and gluten free, grain free/paleo recipes.

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The next is a gift coupon.

I Quit Sugar e-book and I Quit Sugar cookbook together in the one package at a great price of only $29.

8 week plan to get off sugar and all the recipes to help you get there.

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  1. Having a sugar free Christmas is VERY hard if you are not the one cooking everything from scratch. So I find that to avoid sugar OVERLOAD, since it is so hard to avoid it at all, is to skip all the desserts and only have a meat and vegetable (or tofu and veggie) Christmas. If you want to have a dessert, maybe bring along one you have made so you won’t stand out so much. It is hard but don’t beat yourself up over Christmas time, it is hard for everyone, just do the best you can and enjoy the holidays!

    • Hi Kate,
      Great feedback! It is definitely harder when you are attending a social gathering that involves food or eating out. But there are ways around it. It just requires a decision or a choice. I agree it is not worth stressing about – we all make mistakes or fall off “the wagon” but we just get back on again and start over.


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