Week 4 – 30 Day Oil Pulling Challenge

WeeK 4 Oil Pulling Challenge

Week 4 of the 30 Day Oil Pulling Challenge

Starts today but it’s not too late. I’m hoping that way after the 30 day mark my readers that have taken the challenge will continue to Oil Pull as part of their daily oral health routine.

The beauty about Oil Pulling is that it doesn’t matter when you start. There’s no hard and fast rule – there’s just a decision to do your mouth and your body a favour and begin.

Never heard of Oil Pulling – you can read more about it here:

Oil Pulling – Better than a Mouthwash

How to Oil Pull

Oil Pulling – An aid to my Tooth Infection

Oil Pulling – FAQ’s

Keen to get going, want to join in on the discussion, get some great tips or ask a question then you can sign up for the facebook group here.

Or just ask a question by using the comment section below.

Hope you will join us!




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