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Hi I’m Kerry and I created Coconut Oil Post after I discovered the amazing benefits and uses of coconut oil. I have had ill health, (mainly gastrointestinal problems, candida, allergies, depression and anxiety and immune related issues) since I was two years old and have tried and tested many different remedies, philosophies, dietary methods and various products with the hope that it would provide, at the least, some sort of relief and at the best a cure to the problems I was enduring.

My health goes up and down and often in cycles. It has been 6 years since starting on the Body Ecology Diet (BED) to cure a chronic systemic candida infection. This way of eating was literally a life saver for me which led me to discover coconut oil and it’s amazing healing properties. My symptoms have changed over the last few years due to hormonal changes and age but I still find amazing success in treating certain symptoms with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

So Who Am I?

I’m a homeschooling mum of 2, a wife, a domestic engineer, (even though I hate cleaning!), an adjudicator (of many teenage debates) and a part-time blogger, food photographer and DIY health advocate.

Some meaningful epiphanies of recent years……

Turning 50 wasn’t that hard and the world did not end. I successfully celebrated that birthday in the best extroverted way that a born introvert knew how to!

I was an exercise freak for many years – I now have exercise freak seasons (in summer, when I’m on holidays). My philosophy mostly now is move enough on a daily basis. 30 minutes a day will keep my mental, emotional and physical needs in check and it’s more sustainable and therefore consistent than trying to factor in an hour long workout that gets put off for a whole host of reasons.

I’m obsessed by being creative – this comes in many forms from knitting, crocheting, cooking, finding new recipes, working out a new system in which to do some daily task, writing posts, finding new DIY projects, selling homemade wares and feeding friends and family. If I achieve more than one of these a day I am truly a happy and contented being.

I can’t multitask anymore! I’m not sure if this is an age thing. Just know that I can’t multitask like I used to 10 or even 5 years ago. One thing at a time. It’s not a bad thing – in fact I appreciate the one thing I’m working on a lot more.

I really hate cleaning……

I really love systems – anything that will make life easier, cheaper, smarter and most of all make me happier.

I’ve decided that being happier is not overrated and am pursuing in my spare, spare time the things that might make me happier. I’m reading this book at the moment – The Happiness Project.

I have become a procrastinator!! I’ll blame this on age as well (although probably has nothing to do with it – more like the season of life I’m in)!

Enough said about my that……..

I’m hoping that this blog will be inviting for people to share their thoughts and tips on health, exercise and experience with coconut oil and other coconut products as well as fermented foods and probiotics. I hope too that people would be able to glean from what I have learn’t and also from what I haven’t learn’t from.

The Coconut Oil Post is the Newspaper all about the many proven health benefits and magical uses of coconut oil, better known as the tree of life. If you would like all the latest posts delivered periodically by newsletter you can subscribe using the form on the side bar.

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