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Where to buy coconut oil from

I have bought a range of coconut oils over the past 5 years and have found them all to be of good quality and taste.  However as I found more and more uses for coconut oil I found I needed to buy it in bulk.  That’s when I found Niulife.  You can read why I chose Niulife here.  You can purchase Niulife coconut oil here.

The other oils I have bought in the past are:

Melrose, Aclara, Niugini, Fijian gold. These brands can all be bought from health food shops in Australia.

**Banaban is available in some stores in NSW but is very popular in Qld.  It can also be bought online.

Artisana, Garden of Life, Harvest Bay, Jarrow Formulas, Jungle Products, Natures Way, Now Foods, Nutiva, Organic Fuji, Quantum Nutrition, Source Naturals & Spectrum Essentials. These brands can be purchased online at iherb.

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