What is the DME process?

    coconut-oil-post-Niulife DME process

    What is the DME process?  This answer comes from the Kokonut Pacific website.  They are the inventors of the DME process.

    Direct Micro Expelling uses a totally different approach to coconut compared to that of the copra industry. With DME we take (small-scale) processing to the nuts rather than taking the nuts (in debased form) to a (large-scale) processing plant. A consequence is that we produce a virgin coconut oil of vastly superior quality.

    “Direct Micro Expelling” is highly descriptive of the technology. It is:

    • Direct — quick (oil produced within 1 hour of opening the nut) and efficient (OEE 85%)

    • Micro — small scale (family farm size)

    • Expelling — extraction of virgin oil and meal

    The DME Process concentrates on small, manageable, daily batches instead of producing large batches of copra which take many weeks to ship and process. The DME process depends upon simple, easily learned skills, rather than sophisticated equipment. Families really enjoy working together on DME Oil production, whereas they typically describe the making of copra as a form of slavery.