Is the coconut heated when producing DME Oil?


    This answer comes from the Niulife Coconut Oil FAQ.  They are the inventors of the DME (Direct Micro Expelling) process.

    Our process does involve heat in the sense that we semi-dry the raw material before pressing out the oil. This heating process is gentle in that the material is constantly turned and tossed into the air to speed up the drying process. This stage takes about 20 to 30 minutes (depending on the humidity, temperature, breeze, etc). It it is not subjected to the high temperatures of most other oil extraction systems. The coconut is usually between 45°C (110°F) and 60°C (130°F) immediately before pressing. This is “cold” by oil standards. No heat is generated in the gentle hand-pressing of our single pressing Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The oil is not heated at all after pressing.