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… the fiber from the vegetable and what you are left with is a drink that will metabolise very quickly in your system, often leaving you with a similar side effect as consuming sugar. You may feel light headed, experience cramping or feel bloated, even nauseous. These are all signs that the vegetable juice has hit your metabolism way too fast. A better solution is to drink a vegetable smoothie like my take anywhere, add anything Green smoothie. An even better solution is to drink a fermented …

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Take anywhere, add anything Green smoothie is my answer to a meal on the go. ¬†It’s very rare that I need a meal on the go as I’m at home most days, homeschooling, blogging etc and don’t have much need for having to grab a meal on the run. But there are some days when I do need one or just don’t feel like eating but know that I will need sustanance at some point. The advantages to having a meal like this is that you get all your nutrition in a cup, it’s raw, and …