I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook Review

I Quit Sugar Chocolate

Most of my regular readers will know that I quit most sugar a couple of years ago and make the majority of my desserts and treats using either Xylitol, Stevia, Rice Syrup and the very occasional splash of honey. It can be done and if you are considering that sugar might be a problem in your life here’s a few facts about sugar and your health.

The types of sugars include glucose, maltose, lactose and fructose. Research shows that fructose is the biggest culprit for causing the most damage in your body as it’s metabolised through your liver. This  places an enormous workload on your liver and potentially can cause liver disease. The other sugars mentioned are surprisingly not as harmful and according to Sarah’s book can be eaten very moderately.

Remember: When I’m talking about quitting sugar, I’m referring to fructose.
The other sugars – maltose, lactose and glucose – are safe to eat in moderation.
Fructose is not. Ordinary table sugar is 50% glucose, 50% fructose. Some
sugars contain a higher fructose ratio, like agave. Yep! This so-called healthy
sweetener often found in a number of so-called healthy chocolates can contain
up to 90% fructose.
Just a few reasons why fructose is bad for us:

From Sarah Wilsons The Chocolate Cookbook.

Note from me: My only hesitation here is that if you are suffering with Candida then no sugar is permitted as it feeds candida and other gastro bugs. You are allowed Xylitol and Stevia however.

As with Sarah’s series of I Quit Sugar books she has again delivered an easy to read and practical guide to cooking with raw chocolate and healthy ingredients.

Can I Eat Chocolate if I Quit Sugar ?

Here’s what Sarah says:

Well, yes. But it depends. I’d like to be upfront. Eating chocolate when you quit sugar means knowing these things:

Cocoa contains less than 1% sugar, and is a richly nutritious food.
* Store-bought chocolate is rarely real chocolate. Even the sugar-free
stuff. It’s mostly full of bad oils and additives, and retains little
nutritional value. Which means…
* It’s best to make your own chocolate

Raw cacao is a superfood.
a Mars bar is anti-food.


If you would like to see a sample of Sarah’s I Quit Sugar The Chocolate Cookbook you can download this pdf

Sarah is a girl who likes clean food and is honest and open about how she goes about it. If you loved her other books then you will find this a great edition to add to the collection.

Who said you can’t have the chocolate and eat it too! Well here’s the way.

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