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Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten Free recipes that have worked for me and my family. Hope they will work for you!


Parsley Cashew Pesto

Since starting a low salicylate diet with my daughter I've had to abandon all the usual "go to's" to make snacks and condiments. Before...

Gluten free Quinoa Tabouli

Love Tabouli but can't eat the cracked wheat.  Well here's the recipe for you. Spring is here and summer is on the way.  What...

Cauliflower Rice

  Cauliflower Rice can be used in replace of rice or eaten on it’s own.  It tastes amazing and is so versatile because you can...

Banana and Quinoa-Millet Muffins

These Banana and Quinoa-Millet Muffins make a great afternoon tea or snack for the kids but are also a good breakfast option if you...
Healthy Rich Chocolate Cake Flour Free Sugar Free

Healthy Rich Chocolate Cake – Flour Free, Sugar Free

Impress those around you with this decadent but healthy chocolate cake.... Flour Free and Sugar Free, this healthy cake is to die for.  Well not...
coconut oil post sweet potato, kale and coconut soup

Sweet Potato, Kale and Coconut Soup

This Sweet Potato, Kale and Coconut Soup was another menu item featured at my Photo shoot and Food Tasting Day a few weeks back....
Coconut Oil Post Friday Night Frittata

Friday Night Frittata

Friday nights in our house have always been family night.  For years I have made homemade pizza's.  I make my own crust, pizza sauce...
coconut oil post Salmon Chowder B

Salmon Chowder Dairy Free, Gluten Free

I made this Salmon Chowder a little while ago and it was a hit with my kids, which is saying a lot since I have one...

Cashew, Chia and Banana Custard

This Cashew, Chia and Banana Custard is a great dessert or snack for the warm spring days we have been having. It's made with Cashew...

Raspberry Coconut Shortcake with Raspberry Puree

A few weekends ago I spent an afternoon at my friends delightful country house down in the southern highlands of NSW. A group of...

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